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Your Devil is always with you.

«Even if God has turned away from you, your Devil is always with you» —

That’s what it says on the picture.

In the words of Stendhal, one can quote:

«There is so much evil in this world that only the fact that it does not exist can excuse God» …

Someone lives well and has never known troubles in his life that could destroy his soul and make him lose faith. And it is precisely such people who will not agree with me and with the great Stendhal.

However, those who know what real suffering is, capable of destroying your whole life, breaking your heart and tearing apart your soul, crushing hope and trampling faith, will undoubtedly understand all my words.

You must always remember that religion is only religion, it is not a personal message from God from heaven, but just a system created by the most ordinary people and nothing more.

Believe in yourself. Believe in the power of the heart, soul and mind. And then your true God, and not the one that was invented once by people, will always be with you.

So even if God has turned away from you, your Devil is always with you…

Karolina Ingo/Writer&Artist

Karolina Ingo/Writer&Artist